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East Kootenay Tree Service is owned and operated by Roy Anderson, who started working in the tree industry at 17 years of age. Roy has professionally served the tree industry for over 25 years and is a Certified Arborist. East Kootenay Tree Service takes pride in serving the Kootenays with reliability and integrity.

Roy’s workforce is protected by WCB (Workers Compensation Board). 

Tree cutting and removal, danger tree assessment, emergency tree service, storm damage, trimming and pruning are all areas where his staff receives significant and continuous training. Roy believes that keeping his personnel up to speed on training and education leads to a safe work environment, high morale, and the highest quality job for his customers.

A crane vehicle lifted up from the ground


You can rely on us for the following tree care services:

  • Dangerous tree removal

  • Emergency tree service

  • Pruning & trimming

  • Dangerous tree assessment

  • Chipping

  • Brush cutting

  • Residential tree service

  • Commercial tree service

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