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Chainsaw machine ripping apart a stump


If you had a tree recently cut or broken off in your yard, you might see a stump left behind on the ground. The stump not only looks bad and can be a hazard for lawn care but also can become an environment for pests like termites and wood bees. These insects can invade other parts of your yard and home. That’s why it is recommended to remove the stumps as soon as possible. You can count on East Kootenay Tree Service for stump grinding in Cranbrook or the neighbouring communities, including Golden, East to Sparwood, South to Grasmere, and West to Creston.

Our equipment grinds the stump into wood chips to a maximum depth of 10"-12" below the soil surface. It also helps remove large surface roots. Have any questions on your mind? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team will be glad to help you.

Worker using a machine to remove tree stump from a property


Stumps not only invite insects to your home but also make the space in your yard unusable. The roots underneath the stumps can keep growing and sharing the nutrients needed by your healthy trees. Our bonded and insured team can remove the stumps, providing you space to recreate your yard or plant new trees. 

We obtain the required clearance certifications from the authorities and work with utility companies to locate underground gas, telephone, hydro, cable, and water lines before starting the grinding process.

Chainsaw machine cutting a tree stump


Contact our professionals to learn more about the importance of stump grinding.

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